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Watch: Sixers Rookie Markelle Fultz Viscously Airballs Corner Three


After a sub-par performance for the first few games of the season, Philadelphia 76er Markelle Fultz went down with an injury that has sidelined him for the past few months.

While it is true that the Sixers have more than enough youth to make up for Markelle's absence, the notion of him becoming their All-Star point guard of the future seems like one that would be most beneficial to their cause. In any case, however, that dream becoming a reality is beginning to look more and more like an impossibility.

Injury troubles, shooting issues, and a flurry of mediocre performances already have people ready to call him a bust. And now, with this video of him badly air-balling a three pointer (and his shooting mechanics looking awkward), some real doubts are creeping in.

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Admittedly, it is still way too early to lay such bad claim to a kid barely out of his teens. He hasn't been terirble, and shooting is always something a player can develop.

Still, is this something anyone expects to see from the #1 overall pick?