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Watch: Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant Get Into Heated Confrontation


We knew there was no love lost between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors, but we didn't know things would have been this bad.

After a potential steal from Russell Westbrook on Kevin Durant went out of bounds, the former teammates had a bit of a conversation together, resulting in the two literally butting heads and having to be pulled apart from each other.

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Do things get any better than this? We've been waiting over a year for these two to have a confrontation like this, and we're finally getting it.

It also appears that Durant calls Westbrook a "p--sy" during the extra-curricular activities, proceeding to just laugh it off when Steven Adams and Draymond Green intervened.

In terms of the game, the Thunder are heading towards a comfortable victory with a 20-point lead, while Westbrook is close to a triple-double.