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Watch: Rare Footage Of Kobe Bryant In The 1996 Summer League


Any long-time Kobe fan knew from the beginning that the guy was going to be something special. His first game with Los Angeles signaled a new era for the Purple and Gold.

Since then, it's all been history. Kobe Bryant led the Lakers to five Championships while displaying excellence on a yearly basis. He wasn't necessarily elevated to that level right away, of course. But even at a very young age, Kobe showed flashes of true stardom.

In the case of the 1996 Summer League, it proved to be one that hinted at Kobe's future greatness pretty accurately. In this rare footage, he scores 36 points vs the Phoenix Suns and shows the world just who he is. He did just about everything on the court that night.

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Check out this amazing footage of young Kobe balling out in the Summer League: