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Watch LiAngelo Ball Completely Miss A Layup During His First Pro Game


LiAngelo Ball, you've been evicted from the family.

We're only joking, of course, LaVar Ball would never disown one of his own kids (or would he?), but he may have thought about it after this terrible performance from LiAngelo.

19-year-old LiAngelo has always been the 'forgotten' Ball. First of all, he's the middle child, and almost all middle children are the forgotten one. Secondly, compared to his brothers Lonzo and LaMelo, Gelo easily received the least hype out of the trio during high school. Finally, LiAngelo has gotten into more trouble than his two siblings combined, creating an international incident when he tried to shoplift while on a trip to China.

Despite these setbacks, Gelo as still managed to create somewhat of a basketball career for himself alongside his younger brother, but it may not last for long after this layup attempt.

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As Shaq would say: Tragic Bronson alert!

Now usually, when a player makes a simple -- albeit dumb -- mistake, it's forgotten about the next day, and maybe brought up on Shaqtin' A Fool. But when you're a part of the Ball clan, every single move you make is analyzed by people all over the world, magnifying mistakes like these x100.

At least 106,000 people watched LiAngelo brick a fastbreak layup live.

That's gotta give your confidence a massive hit, to say the least.