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Watch LeBron James Imitate Michael Jordan Perfectly In Game Against Bulls


LeBron James -- barring Kobe Bryant's playstyle -- is probably the closest a player has ever come to matching the greatness of Michael Jordan, and it's been that way from an early point in LeBron's career.

The two legends have been constantly compared and scrutinized throghout James' stay in the NBA, and it's bound to continue as LeBron's career slowly winds down.

Even if both of them are as closely matched as they come when it comes to greatness and accolades, the playstyles of both men are almost polar opposites. MJ was a finesse player, utilizing mid-range jumpers and fadeaways for years, even though he could slam it down with the best of them, whereas LeBron James is more of a powerhouse player, repeatedly driving to the cup and finishing over rim protectors, as well as being an insane playmaker.

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But in the Cavaliers' recent game against the Chicago Bulls on Monday, LeBron may have just shown off some moves he learned off Jordan.

James pulled out the one-handed palming pump fake, as well as Jordan's patented spin fadeaway from mid-range.

This footage just makes us wonder how much of a scorer James could have been if he had focused entirely on that part of the game instead of being one of the best all-around players to ever play the game.