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Watch: LaVar Ball Forfeits AAU Game After Getting Technical Foul


LaVar Ball certainly knows how to make a scene, and he hasn't disspointed in his most recent public appearance.

On Saturday, LaVar was coaching one of LaMelo's AAU games, as he usually does. But after a LOT of talking from the sidelines, disagreeing with a few of the ref's calls, LaVar was given a technical foul.

At that point, it seemed the father of the Ball brothers had had enough, just upping and leaving the stadium, forfeiting the game for his 'Big Baller' AAU team.

Take a look at what happened below, courtesy of BallerVisions:

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As you'd expect, there was a crowd waiting outside the arena as LaVar and his team left, and there's footage of that too, coming from Overtime:

LaVar can be heard saying, "It's about the referees. I have my guys playing hard, and they're cheating."

"I gotta take some photos with my folks though, man," he said, getting a few pictures with some of his fans.

It's not unusual to be upset with a few calls officials make, but it IS unusual when you decide to hand the other team the victory because you don't want to deal with it.