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Laker Fans Make Fools Of Themselves Talking About Fake Rookies Who Don't Even Exist


As with any successful sports team, there are bound to be fake fans and bandwagoners within the ranks of that team's supporter base. It happened with the '90's Bulls, and it's happening now the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

But one team that seems to have a legion of bandwagoners regardless if they're playing well or not is the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the most successful franchises in NBA history.

They have so many in fact, that the Sacramento Kings have taken it upon themselves to head to the Las Vegas Summer League and have a little fun with them.

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Shahbaz Khan of made his way to the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, and interviewed a few Laker fans around the concourse about a few of Los Angeles' newest rookies.

The catch was though, the rookies he interviewed them about didn't even exist. The rookie's names were Ned Stark, from Game Of Thrones, and Shaun Carter, AKA Jay-Z.

Take a look at what unfolded down below.