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Watch: Kobe Bryant's Best Play Against Every Single Team In The NBA


Kobe Bryant celebrated his 39th birthday on Wednesday, which is quite ironic considering the day after was the 24th of August, meaning, you guessed it, it was Kobe Bryant day (8/24).

Even though the Black Mamba was turning 39, that didn't stop him from having the cake he wanted.

Dominate birthday cakes.

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Anyhow, in honor of Kobe's birthday (and to an extension, Kobe Bryant day), the NBA released a mixtape of Kobe's best plays against every single team in the NBA, even including the Charlotte Bobcats, New Orleans Hornets and of course, the Seattle Supersonics.

Some of Bryant's best plays are included, featuring his game-winner against the Suns in the 2006 playoffs, his dunk over a young Dwight Howard, and the video wouldn't be complete without his 81-point performance against Jalen Rose and the Raptors.

Which play was your favorite?