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Watch: Jimmy Butler Wasn't Happy With Taj Gibson's Full-Court Shot Vs. Clippers


Both Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson go way back.

The pair of Minnesota Timberwolves teammates started their careers with the Chicago Bulls, spending 5 years as teammates in the Windy City before Gibson was shipped off to OKC mid-season last year.

Butler stayed with the Bulls up until the end of last season, but was also eventually traded to the Timberwolves during the 2017 NBA Draft, rejoining Gibson -- who signed with Minnesota as a free agent -- and former coach Tom Thibodeau.

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And it's because of this long history they've had together that gives Butler the right to call out Taj when he messes up on the court, and in Minnesota's game against the Los Angeles Clippers, the same rules applied.

As the first half of the game came to a close, Gibson threw up an almost-full-court shot after the buzzer, which embarrassingly was nowhere close to the other hoop. Jimmy made damn sure to call Taj out for it.

If you're as proficient as I am in the art of lip reading, you already know what Jimmy said to Taj after that brick, and it wasn't "Would you like fries with that?"