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Watch JaVale McGee Complete The First Ever (Probably) In-Game Blindfolded Dunk


Usually, gimmick dunks that make use of props or make things harder for the dunker are reserved for the dunk contest during All-Star weekend, but Golden State Warriors center JaVale McGee may have just completed the first ever blindfolded dunk during an actual game.

During the Warriors' Friday night game against the Milwaukee Bucks, McGee -- who finished with 12 points and 2 blocks in only 15 minutes of game time -- went up for a baseline dunk after receiving a pass from fellow bigman Jordan Bell.

While going up for the jam, Bucks center John Henson swiped at the ball and missed, instead hooking his fingers on McGee's headband, pulling it down over his eyes. Somehow, someway, JaVale still completed the dunk.

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Surprisingly, there was no call on the obvious foul, explaining why JaVale was pointing to his face after the dunk to the refs.