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Watch: Former NBA Player Almost Breaks Neck On Scary Dunk Attempt


Obviously injuries are a part of all sports, that's a fact. But when potential injuries can be avoided, seeing them occur anyways is a very scary sight.

It may not seem like it, but injuries can happen at any point in a basketball game. Player's have been injured going through screens, getting faked out on a pump fake, and even dunking, which is exactly what happened in a game over in Europe recently.

James Nunnelly, who is a former NBA player for the Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers between 2013 and 2014, went up for a fastbreak dunk while playing for Fenerbahçe of the Turkish Basketball Super League, and suffered a major injury.

Oh my goodness.

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It's never a good outcome when a player on a fastbreak is undercut from behind, which is exactly what happened here. While going up for the dunk, a player on the opposition team ran into Nunnally's legs, forcing him to lose his grip on the rim, which then led to his body rotating enough for his head to make contact with the floor.

It seems as though Nunnally actually got knocked out by the impact, as he immediately goes limp and his arms try to straighten out, a phenomenon typically seen in people who have just been knocked unconscious.

James didn't have the best of careers while in the NBA, only playing 13 games in one season, averaging 3.4 points in 12 minutes of game time for the 76ers and Hawks.

Since moving over to Europe though, Nunnally has been killing it, winning Italian League MVP, a Turkish League championship, and adding a EuroLeauge Championship to his collection.

We can only hope James doesn't suffer any permanent injuries from the fall.