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Wanda Durant Defends Her Son Against Stephen A. Smith, “Like, Who Are You?"


Kevin Durant's mother, Wanda, has hit back at KD criticizer Stephen A. Smith during an appearance on ESPN First Take this past week.

As most of you may know, Stephen A. isn't one of the quietest sports media personalities out there, building his reputation on his vocal hot takes and extremely descriptive vocabulary, and has been one of Durant's biggest critics since KD left Oklahoma City to join Curry in the Bay. Smith notoriously called it as "the weakest move by a superstar he has ever seen", which most NBA fans seemed to agree with, but that statement was bound to annoy a select few, first and foremost Durant's mother Wanda.

“I thought that was quite harsh,” Wanda said in response to his comments. “Like, who are you Stephen A. Smith to come at my boy like that? When he came to ESPN, was that a weak move for him? He joined some more heavy hitters to up his career, to do what is best for him, and no one called him weak for that, so why call my son weak for doing the same thing he did?”

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Damn, Wanda sure didn't let up with that one.

Mrs. Durant has been Kevin's biggest supporter since day 1 of his career, backing him 100% of the way in whatever career decision he made, including his move to Golden State, as evidenced above. And when looking at her comments at face value, she is correct. Why can't Durant make a career move so he has a greater chance to achieve the goals he has set out for himself, being championships? Unfortunately for

Unfortunately for Durant however, basketball, especially player movement, is never that simple, and a lot of things are taken into consideration by the media when a player makes a free agency decision, no matter the motives of the player.

In any case, Durant's move to the Warriors looks like it's going to pay off, as Golden State are now 2 games up over the Cleveland Cavaliers, with Durant poised to take home his very first championship, and most likely Finals MVP honors based on his performances, something which will no doubt solidify his Hall of Fame career.

I wonder if Kevin will shout out his mother again if he does end up winning the Finals MVP award?