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Video: LaVar Ball Utters His Craziest Words Yet On National TV


We all know the stories of LaVar Ball's antics over the past year. The things he says are amongst some of the most controversial in recent memory. Just hours ago, LaVar made another one of those insane comments, and this one may have gone too far. This time, it was comparing his son, Lonzo, to the greatest point guard in NBA History: Magic Johnson.

Not only did LaVar compare the two, but he outright said that Lonzo will pass him one day, and that Magic has "passed the torch." Not only is Magic one of the greatest players ever, but he's also the current President of the Lakers. In short, LaVar basically disrespected his son's boss on national tv. And while this is no rare occurrence for LaVar, it's odd that he'd be willing to but such a target on Lonzo's back.

Without even playing an NBA game yet, LaVar is quick to support his son. There's no issue with that. But literally saying he'll better than Magic Johnson while he's sitting a few rows away isn't too great an idea.

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Watch this video, uploaded by "AllThingsSports," and witness the craziness for yourself: