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Video: Is LeBron James Throwing Major Shade At Kyrie Irving?


There's been a whole lot of Kyrie Irving lately. First, there was the original story of him asking for a trade out of Cleveland. Then there came all of the aftermath of teams making their offers, all of the questions asking "why" and everyone trying to figure out what's going to happen next.

It seems like everyone has something to say about this whole situation. For LeBron James, however, he's been eerily quiet since all the rumors went down. No statements made and no comments were made publicly.

Or, at least that's what we thought. It turns out, LeBron may have said something already.

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When the Kyrie news broke Friday afternoon, LeBron suspiciously dropped this Instagram video at around the same time:

If you listen closely to the lyrics, it's sort of similar to what's going on in Cleveland. Here are some of the lyrics:

"N—– ain’t thorough like I always thought,
D—, the game left me with a heavy heart (heavy heart),
The streets left me with a heavy heart (heavy heart),
N—– said they with you when they really not (really not),
N—– plot on everything you got (everything you got)."

This obviously could just be LeBron rocking out to a new track, as he's been to do. but the timing of this just seems a little too convenient.

Whether LeBron meant this as shade towards Kyrie or not, he's got some serious work to do if he wants the Cavs to get out of this alive.