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Update: Kawhi Leonard's Return Is Set


Here's a fun fact: Kawhi Leonard averages fewer games per season (66.3) than Anthony Davis (67).

This season alone, he's already missed the first 25 games. And as an added kicker, nobody really has a clue as to what exactly is going on with him. After going down with a right ankle sprain in the Western Conference Finals, that injury kept him out that entire series, until it eventually got better. Now, the Spurs claim he's been out all this season with what the team is calling a “right quadricep tendinopathy”--inflammation of the tendon in the quadriceps.

Seems strange that a 26-year-old superstar would be out for so long with such an ailment. Nonetheless, here we are, a quarter of the way into the season, and Leonard has yet to play.

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Well, things are finally about to change on that front. According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Kawhi Leonard's return date will come as soon as next week.

Even though the Spurs have managed pretty well so far without him, they'll no doubt welcome his presence as the middle-stretch of the long season begins.

With Kawhi back Monday, and Tony Parker playing as well, the Spurs finally have all their cards on deck. Last season, they earned their way into the Western Conference Finals, where they eventually lost to Golden State.

While we're still a long ways off from that this go-round, they can at least get a fell for what the team plays like at full strength.