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Update: Important Details About Derrick Rose's Future


So, what exactly is the deal with Derrick Rose?

Recently, reports surfaced that the Cavalier point guard was away from the team "contemplating" his future in basketball. And last we heard, he ultimately decided that he wanted to re-join the team.

But what happens next? Will the Cavs even take him back? And if so, what role will he be taking on?

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Thanks to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarwoski, we can at least get the general idea of what;s going on, even if we don't know everything.

We know that Derrick is trying to work his way back, and has already begun the process of doing so. The Cavs, apparently, are wasting no time in working out his return, either.

It's also worth noting that Rose may not even be fully healed yet, meaning it could be a few more days or weeks before we get to see him in action. Either way, all signs point to his inevitable return to the Cleveland roster, which has really stepped up their game recently.

Winners of 12 straight games, the Wine & Gold are quickly starting to turn things around after a rough first month. If things keep trending upwards, they could be headed to yet another Finals, which Derrick Rose would ultimately be part of. That alone could be reason enough to stick around... let's just hope they get that far.