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Ty Lue Hilariously Responds To Steve Kerr Letting His Player Coach Themselves


We all knew this would be coming after we saw what Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr did against the Phoenix Suns this week.

In an act of utmost confidence in his players, on Monday night, Kerr decided to take the night off, handing the clipboard off to the likes of Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala. Some called the move disrespectful, but you can't deny the tactic paid dividends, as the Warriors, led by Green and Iggy on the sidelines, decimated the Phoenix Suns 129-83 at home.

Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue was asked about Kerr's decision to let the players coach themselves, and revealed that he actually spoke to Kerr after the fact, and has no intention of following his lead.

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"I wouldn't do that," Lue said Tuesday, per Royce Young of "They already say LeBron's coaching the team anyway, so if I give him the clipboard they're really gonna say that."

You know what? Coach Lue is absolutely right, as hilarious as his answer is.

Since replacing David Blatt for the head coaching job in Cleveland, many have said that it's LeBron who is actually running the team, and Lue is just there for appearances, a narrative that has held up until today. So if Lue did indeed take a night off and let the players coach themselves, with James most likely taking the reigns, you could only imagine the collective uproar from NBA fans that LeBron was taking Lue's job for real this time.