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Top 5 Destinations For A Kobe Bryant Comeback

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Before you get too emotional, no Kobe Bryant is not coming back. But what if he did?

What if Kobe decided to give it one more go for the fans? He loves basketball, and his passion for the game will never truly go away. Yeah, Kobe is old now. But he'd still provide decent scoring and a good locker room presence for any team.

A Kobe Bryant comeback would be a dream come true for many NBA fans out there. We all want to see it happen. Sadly, all we can do now is imagine. So, that's what we will do. Here are the top 5 destinations for a Kobe Bryant comeback:

Philadelphia 76ers

I know what you're thinking, "he won't win anything in Philly!" And you would be right. But joining the 76ers wouldn't be about competing, it would be for the fans, and a chance for Kobe to represent his hometown. He spent a big chunk of his childhood in Philadelphia, and he would no doubt be proud to give the fans there something to cheer about.

Chicago Bulls


Again, he wouldn't join the Bulls to win. Thier team is a mess, and they're rebuilding. But Kobe already has 5 Championships, he doesn't necessarily have to ring chase. As far as Chicago goes, he actually named it as a team he wanted to go to. When he briefly asked the Lakers for a trade, he named the Bulls as a preference. Obviously, that never happened, but if he returned, it could be a good place for him. Not to mention, he'd get to play in Michael Jordan's house.

San Antonio Spurs

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If there's one thing Kobe Bryant is attracted to, it's respect. The Spurs are a highly respected organization with a rich history. Kobe could go and team up with Pop and Kawhi, who Kobe would love to team up with Kobe. The biggest thing: Kobe would get a real chance to win ring number 6. Imagine Kobe in a Spurs system? It'd be quite a site to see.

Golden State Warriors

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

It's hard to picture Kobe in a white Warriors jersey, I know. But who wouldn't want to play with quite possibly the best team ever? While Kobe probably doesn't favor joining super teams, he'd have almost a guarantee of winning another Championship. He'd have to come off the bench, sadly, but he'd still provide a great role for a historic franchise. Also, Kobe could stay close to home in California.

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Los Angeles Lakers


Let's be honest, there's only one place where Kobe belongs: Los Angeles. And because he wouldn't be caught dead in a Clippers jersey, a return to the Lakers would be his only option. Sure, the Lakers are no playoff team. But he'd warm the hearts of every Laker fan with a return. He could be the mentor to the young guys, a stable voice for the team, and return fame his struggling franchise.