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Top 5 Active Players Who Have Played The Most Consecutive Games Without An Ejection


Depending on the ref and a certain player's star-power in the league, getting ejected from a game is getting rarer and rarer by the season compared to the roughhouse league of the 1990's and early 2000's.

Gone are the days of all-in brawls between teams and their benches, which is where most ejections were handed out. And even though ejections are becoming more rare, thing things you have to do to warrant receiving an ejection is becoming simpler and simpler.

Just yesterday for example, LeBron James was ejected from the Cavs' game against the Miami Heat for arguing a no-call. Here's what ref Kane Fitzgerald -- the official who made the call -- had to say about LeBron's actions.


"Threw an air punch"? What does that even mean?

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Regardless, LeBron's ejection got us thinking -- who are the players who have kept their cool long enough to play the most consecutive games without being thrown out? Well, we have the answers, and present to you the top 5 active players who have played the most consecutive games without an ejection.

5. Mike Miller - 1,032 Games


4. Kyle Korver - 1,052 Games


3. LeBron James - 1,081


2. Pau Gasol - 1,139 Games


1. Tony Parker - 1,144 Games