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Tony Parker May Have Just Thrown Shade At Kawhi Leonard Over Quad Injury


The drama continues in San Antonio.

With less than 10 games remaining in the NBA season, the San Antonio Spurs are running a real risk of winning less than 50 games in a season for the first time in 20 years. With the injury issues All-Star Kawhi Leonard has been facing all year, it's been hard for the Spurs to win games without their centerpiece, both on offense and defense.

Leonard has been cleared to play by the Spurs medical staff, who desperately need him right now, but private doctors Kawhi has sought advice from himself have told Leonard that he's better off sitting out until he is 100% confident that his lingering quad injury has healed.

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Teammate Tony Parker also dealt with a similar quad injury to Kawhi's last May, and given his own experience dealing with the injury, has spoken out on Kawhi's situation.

"100 times worse" hey Tony? It doesn't seem Kawhi feels the same way about his own ailments. Parker went even further though when he let it be known that he never thought of getting a second opinion on his injury and placed faith in the Spurs medical team.

So, will these words light a fire underneath Kawhi to return for San Antonio's hopeful playoff run? Only time will tell.