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This Stat Proves Just How Much Trouble The Cavs Are In


The Cavs -- unlike almost every other LeBron James-led team -- have come out of the blocks extremely sluggish this season, falling below .500 after a 114-95 loss to the New York Knicks of all teams, as well as losses to squads such as the Brookyn Nets with no D'Angelo Russell and the New Orleans Pelicans.

They currently sit at 3-4 on the season through 7 games, good for 10th in the Eastern Conference standings. Even though a record like 3-4, a game behind .500 doesn't seem that bad, it's actually a pretty significant number in LeBron James' career. So significant in fact it's the second worst start for a team LeBron James has been a part of his entire career. The only team that beats this year's Cavaliers out? LeBron's rookie year in 2003-04, when Cleveland went 2-5 through the first seven games of the season.

Could LeBron and the Cavs be hitting the wall? Are they just not competitive anymore? Is LeBron James getting too old? Did they need Kyrie Irving?

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These are all questions that have arisen due to Cleveland's disappointing record thus far, and they're pertinent questions, as we haven't seen something like this from LeBron James for almost 15 years.

Despite their dismal record though, every NBA fan knows that the Cavs will somehow be on top of the East come April, as has been the course for the past three years. When you have a player such as LeBron James and surround him with other All-Star talent, there is no way they will not be fighting for that first seed every season.

Sure, some things need to be adjusted, such as Ty Lue's defensive schemes -- a big issue at the moment -- and the overall health of the roster, but once those things fall into place, we'll be seeing a nice long winning streak from Cleveland in no time.