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This NBA Stat Could Give Warriors Fans A Reason To Worry


As the reigning 2017 NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors have certainly earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to basketball. Having a squad with four All-Stars helps too.

But has there ever been a team as favored as these Dubs coming into a new season?

While the NBA scrambles to get better and acquire stars, the Warriors sit in silence, quietly improving their already almost unbeatable game. Most have already hailed them back-to-back champions, or, at the very least, have them going to their fourth consecutive NBA Finals.

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With all that being said, however, one stat could encourage us all to pump the brakes on the Warriors' hype train.

Golden State, sitting at 13-5, have lost to every notable contender this season. Their losses include games against the Rockets, Pistons, Celtics, and Thunder. While one game is never enough to judge the rest of the season, it's definitely worth thinking about, especially with the 2017-18 campaign being just 18 games in.

Fact is, the Warriors of last year would have never lost to so many contenders in such a short span of games. Plus, the team just seems to be lacking the same spark it had just one season ago. Does this prove the Dubs are indeed beatable in the playoffs?

Of course, it's concerning. But it's probably a little too early to say that now.

Still, something looks different, and the Warriors just appear more vulnerable... at least, so far.