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This Insane Stat Proves Just How Dominant The Spurs Have Been For The Past 20 Years


Three things are certain in life for an NBA fan: Death, taxes, and a 50+ win season for the San Antonio Spurs.

Ever since promoting -- well, actually demoting, as Pop was GM of the Spurs at the time before becoming head coach -- Gregg Popovich to the head coach role, and then proceeding to draft Tim Duncan back in 1997, the Spurs have been the model franchise in the NBA, hell, maybe in all of American sports.

San Antonio lucked out back in 1997, as franchise center and league MVP David Robinson went down with a season-ending foot injury six games into the regular season, the same season Gregg Popovich made himself head coach. The Spurs lost many games that season and lucked into the first pick of the draft, who materialized into the legendary Tim Duncan, who would stay with the Spurs for his entire career.

Because of those series of fortunate events in 1997, San Antonio was set up for the next 15 years at least, and have managed to stretch their period of success to 20 years and counting.

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Many fans know of the 50+ season wins streak for the Spurs, which currently sits at 17 straight seasons as San Antonio won 61 games last season, and are set to extend that streak to 18 this year, with 25 wins and counting.

But not many know of another telling stat that shows just how dominant the Spurs have been since 1997.

That's right. Over the past 20 years, dating back to December of 1997, the Spurs have only held a losing record for forty-eight days. There are 7300 days in 20 years. That means the Spurs have had a losing record 0.6575342465753425% of the time over the past twenty seasons. That is just insane.

As you can see, the next closest team is the Dallas Mavericks, who are a whopping 778 days away, and aren't going to be challenging for the record anytime soon.

Obviously, the success of both Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich have helped tremendously over the past two decades, but it also speaks volumes about Kawhi Leonard and the supporting cast they've had in San Antonio for the past few seasons.