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This Big-Baller Is Having A BIG Sized Problem


LiAngelo's professional basketball career may have ended before it even started. Sadly for him, his college career has already taken that path.

Yes, LiAngelo was never the most talented of the bunch. And yes, he's not the most popular among his siblings. But what really might have put the nail in the coffin for LiAngelo was the shoplifting incident in China.

The event gained national coverage, from which the full idiocy of the middle-Ball-boy and his friends became the means of public display. Now, after being suspended from UCLA indefinitely, he's out of the school for good, after not playing a single game for the Bruins.

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In a recent chat with ESPN's Jeff Goodman, LaVar gave some insight into the big decision:

"We are exploring other options with Gelo," while also stating that "Gelo" will not be transferring to another school. "The plan is now to get Gelo ready for the NBA Draft,"

"I’m going to make him way better for the draft than UCLA ever could have," Ball added, per Darren Rovell of ESPN.

Strangely enough, with as dire as the situation seems, things for LiAngelo are worse still. Remember how LaVar explained that he was going to get his son ready for the NBA draft? Well, according to one NBA exec, that's not happening any time soon. Here's more from Adrian Wojnarowski:

As Woj points out, LiAngelo Ball wasn't on anyone's scouting report, even before the shoplifting incident even happened. Meaning, drastically, that the ex-UCLA freshman's chances of playing pro-ball just went from long-shot, to nearly impossible.

What next could go wrong for this kid?