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Things Return To Normal In Second Return Of All-Star Votes


We were all in for a bit of a shock after the first reults of the All-Star voting came through.

Unexpectedly, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant were the leading vote-getters in their respective conferences, with other guys like Lonzo Ball and Ben Simmons getting more votes than some established veterans. And while the newest returns on the voting polls do contain some surprises, familiar faces have once again retaken their place amongst the top.

This time around, LeBron James and Steph Curry got the most votes, passing Giannis and KD pretty substantially. Everything else seems gone as expected as well, with Russ, Anthony Davis, Joel Embiid, and Kyrie Irving being near the top.

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With some time still left until the voting ends, the results are still very much subject to change. However, it seems unlikely that things will get mixed up much more than they are now. And so, if there's one thing we learned from the most recent returns, it's that the face of NBA basketball has yet to change from the hands of The King and his 3-point shooting rival.