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There's Something Oddly Familiar About The NBA's FG% Leader Over The Past 6 Seasons


When you're a center, leading the NBA in field goal percentage isn't that hard to accomplish compared to more perimeter-oriented players. In fact, the top 25 in career field goal percentage are all power forwards or centers. Crazy right?

There's a pretty obvious explanation as to why big men average a higher field goal percentage: 1. They play closer to the basket opposed to their wing counterparts, who play on the perimeter, meaning they're taking easier shots closer to the hoop, and 2. They're taller than everyone else on the court, also meaning they're closer to the hoop.

Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan has been the unquestioned leader when it comes to FG%, leading the league in that department every year dating back to the 2012-13 NBA season. He's gotten so good and not missing in fact, that he's the all-time leader when it comes to career field goal percentage, averaging a whopping 67.3% across the course of his career thus far.

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But a new player has suddenly taken DeAndre's crown away from his this season, and both Jordan and this shooting superstar have something in common. Their point guard.

Is it a coinidence that the league leader in FG% has been teammates with point god Chris Paul for the past 6 seasons? Probably not.

Clint Capela is shooting 65.5% from the field this season for 14.1 points a game, compared to last season's averages, where he shot 64.3% for 12.6 points a game.

This isn't to say that DeAndre's efficiency has nose-dived since Paul left for the Rockets, as Jordan is running second to Capela, shooting 64.9% from the field, but it still is a considerable drop compared to his whopping 71.7% shooting percentage last season with CP3.

If you're a center in the NBA,it's most likely the player you want to play with the most is Chris Paul