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The Warriors Spent An Insane Amount On Their Championship Celebration After Game 5


One of the greatest postseason records ever deserves a huge celebration, and that's exactly what the Warriors did Monday night after clinching the NBA title in Game 5.

Golden State brought out the traditional ski goggles and champagne in the locker rooms of Oracle Arena, but it was the type of champagne that really broke the bank.

GSW went all out, purchasing bottles of limited edition Moët Impérial Golden Luminous Magnum champagne, coming in at a hefty $1,200 a bottle.

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For a multi-million dollar sports franchise, a couple of bottles of champagne doesn't seem like much, but the Warriors ended up spraying 150 bottles of alcohol all over the locker room, totaling $180,000 worth of champagne.

It's also been reported that Golden State got custom engraved bottles of nectar rose with the Warriors logo and "2017 Champions" on them at a party later in the night.

It may seem a bit excessive, but when it's your first championship, for Kevin Durant at least, and you beat an all-time great in LeBron James, I think you're allowed to go a little overboard.