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The Text Message That Doomed The Cleveland Cavaliers


Just how close were the Cavaliers to acquiring Paul George?

As Adrian Wojnarowski reported, "so close in fact, that Indiana was about to give permission to Paul George to get on the phone with Dan Gilbert..."

So close, in fact, that the Cavs were already celebrating. It's safe to assume that with Paul George, Cleveland would be on its way to another Championship. LeBron, George, and either Kyrie or Kevin Love would have been a trio to last for the ages. Perhaps even beating the trio they have now. It would've saved the Cavs season. With that trade, LeBron would have kept the keys to the Eastern Conference.

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But it was one text from Pacers' President Kevin Pritchard that doomed the Cavaliers to suffer the fate they face today.

With the deal almost official, Prichard made a last minute decision to reject the offer. He sent the text and ultimately backed out of the trade, deciding to make a deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder instead.

Even today, weeks later, the Cavaliers are still feeling the effects of that heart-wrenching text. David Griffin is gone and Kyrie and LeBron could be next. Rather than getting better this offseason, the team is falling apart from the inside out.


Looking back on it, Paul George could have prevented all of this. Yet, he's a whole conference away, while the Cavs are left scrambling to find answers. That text by Kevin Pritchard that denied them that trade, it broke the back-to-back Eastern Conference Champions, and sent them spiraling out of control.