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The San Antonio Spurs Have A Difficult Road Ahead of Them


Life in San Antonio is usually pretty bliss.

A top-tier, hall-of-fame coach who consistently steers those around him in the right direction, a class-filled executive team who almost always makes the right decisions, a roster riddled with unselfish players, and a culture rich in glory and consistency is usually the norm for the Spurs organization.

This season, unfortunately, may bring about the end of an era of greatness for this franchise.

The problems began to surface last summer when the Spurs faced off against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. In the series, Kawhi Leonard suffered a calf injury that would end up basically sidelining him for 10 months. Without Kawhi for most of the season, it's been hard for the team to maintain their usual level of supremacy.

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To make matters even worse, the Spurs have also seen an unusual amount of off-court drama recently as well. Questions and doubts about Kawhi's status coupled with reports of LaMarcus Aldridge's reported unhappiness early in the season have all served as major distractions.

In short, this season has served up more than a few challenges for the usually surging San Antonio Spurs. Now, they sit at the seventh seed in the West after going 2-8 in their last ten games. Still, the challenges will only continue to mount from here... even despite reports of Kawhi's possible return this Thursday night.

Being only one game back from the 10th seeded Nuggets, the Spurs don't have much room for error at this point. And, taking a look at their schedule ahead, it will not be easy.


They only face 3 teams under .500 for the rest of the season, and 10 of their next 16 games will be against teams who currently pose a better record than them.

To be blunt, the odds are certainly not in their favor at this point. And while it is usually never wise to count out the Spurs, their current situation may prove too much for even them to overcome.