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The San Antonio Spurs' Conference Position In The Past Day Proves Just How Crazy The West Is


As we head towards the tail end of the current NBA season, the Western Conference is turning into nothing short of a bloodbath.

It's shaping up to be one of the closest playoff races we've ever seen, as positions 3 through to 10 are separated by a mere five and a half games, with positions 5-8 only half a game apart.

Because of how close teams are, the Western Conference standings are shifting game to game, with teams moving up multiple spots without even playing, and losses costing teams 2-3 spots. One of the biggest victims of the chaotic West playoff race has been the San Antonio Spurs, who have gone through an extremely rough patch of games towards the end of the season, especially without Kawhi Leonard taking the court.

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Touting one of the hardest schedules post-All-Star break, the Spurs have been hovering around the eighth spot in the West for the past week or so, but after a drama-filled gameday last night, the Spurs went on a wild rollercoaster on a day where they comfortably beat the Timberwolves.

In the span of two hours, San Antonio went from the 8th seed, to the 5th seed after their win over the Wolves, and then back down to 7th after a Utah Jazz win over the Kings and a New Orleans Pelican loss to the Rockets, which sent them from 5th to 8th in the West.

As of right now, spots five through to seven are all occupied by teams holding the exact same 40-30 record, and it looks as though this trend will continue until the final day of the regular season, where certain teams playoff hopes -- including the Spurs who have made it for the past 20 seasons -- rest on divisional and home/away tiebreakers.