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The Real Reason Kyrie Irving Wants A Trade


Earlier in the offseason, Kyrie Irving's name was brought up by the Cavaliers in several different trade packages for Jimmy Butler and Paul George. While these trades never got finalized, they left a lasting effect on the relationship of Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers organization.


According to one source, the talks "upset him even more when he found out about it."

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Obviously, Kyrie felt disrespected and betrayed to have his name in trade talks. To make matters worse, the Cavs front office had virtually no communication with the player, unlike the way former GM David Griffin used to do things.

Of course, the reports of Irving wanting to be the number 1 guy on his own team seem true enough. But this recent report could be another piece to the puzzle.

Ever since Cleveland let David Griffin walk, things have spiraled out of control. From constant trade rumors to rumblings of LeBron's departure, and now Kyrie asking for a trade, this Cavaliers team is in a big mess. It's not yet known what the current plan is, but things are looking pretty bleak for a once greatly situated team.

The glory days for the Cavaliers may be up. The end could have started the moment the Cavs even thought about trading away their second best player.