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The Problem In San Antonio


There's something going on between the Spurs and their famed superstar, Kawhi Leonard. Besides the reports about their supposed friction, it's no known that Leonard (who has missed 50 games this season) is refusing to come back this year, despite being mediacally cleared to play.

Granted, maybe Kawhi just doesn't think his body is ready yet. But something about the whole situation seems fishy. At the very least, we know that one problem regarding the Spurs and Kawhi revolves around Leonard's uncle.

In a report by Stephen A. Smith, Leonard's uncle has been an increasing problem for the Spurs' organization and could be part of the reason for the recent rift between the star and his franchise. It's not known exactly how, or in what way, Kawhi's uncle has bittered things up, but it sure is making a mess of things.

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The Spurs are seemingly experts at solving problems. It's what they do. But will this challenge prove too much for even them to fix? Only time can answer that question...