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The NBA’s Worst Shooter Is Not Who You Might Think


Regarding the NBA's worst shooters, most people seem to have a pretty good idea as to who is the wost of the worst.

And, with all due respect, they're not too far off. Lonzo Ball is doing a lot on the court this season but is shooting just a measly 31.5% from the field. Obviously, he has not shied away from shotting the rock despite that stat, and, as a result, it hasn't really gotten any better.

But Lonzo isn't even as bad as it gets. One player in particular shots below 30%, and is probably the worst shooter in the league (of eligible player, of course). Who is this mystery bricklayer?

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Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics.

Smart is shooting just 27% for the season and takes about ten shots a game. The FG% this season has been his lowest ever in his four years in the league and is way far off from the 35% he averaged last year.

Suffice to say, Marcus Smart is not a very good offensive player. He definitely makes an impact in other ways and is certainly an asset to the team overall. But when it comes to shooting, this Boston point guard still has a lot to fix.