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The NBA Surprised Everyone With Their Ruling About The Kevin Durant And LeBron James Fouling War


When two of the best players on the planet jar it out for the final minutes of a close game, the results are guarunteed to be entertaining.

Among the entertainment, though, also came overwhelming feelings of controversy. See, the refs made a few questionable no-calls late in the game, much of which has the rest of us scratching our heads. LeBron James admitted he thought KD fouled him twice, while the Golden State forward responded with a snappy: "Leave that s--- on Twitter" after a reporter brought up the subject.

Usually when the end-game officiating is under scrutiny, the NBA league office will take a look at the footage sometime after the game, and make a ruling on whether or not the refs made the right call.

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That's exactly what the league did here, and the results prove that Durant's defense may not have been as he'd have us believe. The official ruling is that the refs missed three fouls on Kevin Durant and one foul on LeBron James, in the last two-minute report released today.

Considering the game was close to the very end, it's quite unfortunate that those missed calls played such an important part of the outcome. Had they been dealt with correctly, we might be having a different conversation regarding the Christmas day winners.

And, despite KD's "tough-guy" act, it looks like he took an L here, even if his team did get the win in the end.