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The NBA Is Off To An Insanely Weird Start


Before the season started, everyone was calling the NBA predictable and boring, Surely, people thought, the Warriors and Cavs would prove to be unbeatable, forging their way through weak competition.

But so far, things have taken a pretty wild turn.

In the West, the Grizzlies and Clippers are leading the Conference, with only two losses on the books. The Warriors, Spurs, and Thunder are all sitting at the fourth seed or lower. The Dubs haven't looked like themselves lately, only taking seven games to lose three, while taking 39 games to lose their third in 2016.

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Meanwhile, in the East, the Celtics, Magic, and Pistons top the standings, with the Cavs (looking like a complete disaster), are hanging out at 11. When the Orlando Magic are starting to look legit, that's a serious sign that this season could be one to shock the ages.

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Things in the league have been absoluetlly nuts, going against everything all the "experts" predicted.

Not to mention the other things that have gone down, like the performances of Lonzo Ball, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Aaron Gordon, and the injury to Gordon Hayward.

Only time can help define reality at this point but, no doubt, things haven't gone according to plan so far.