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The NBA Is Finally Returning To Seattle -- Sort Of


NBA fans from Seattle, rejoice! The National Basketball Association is finally making it's long-awaited return to the Pacific Northwest.

Unfortunately, it's not in the fashion many former Seattle Supersonic fans are hoping for.

The NBA has announced that they plan to host a pre-season game inside Key Arena -- the former home of the Supersonics -- between the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings.

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The game is proposed to be held on October 6th, and will be the first NBA game held in Seattle since the Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City back in 2008.

The choice of teams to play off against each other in Seattle makes a lot of sense for the NBA, as Kevin Durant was drafted number two overall by the then-Supersonics back in 2007, and will be returning to where it all began for him, whereas the Sacramento Kings were rumored to be moving to Seattle back in 2013, a move that was nixed by the league's owners. It also helps both Golden State and Sacramento are two of the closest teams geographically to Seattle in the league, other than Portland.

The decision not to include the Oklahoma City Thunder as one of the teams competing is a disappointing one for fans, but is probably best in the long run, as the boos OKC would receive for "stealing" the Supersonics from Seattle would be nuclear.

Hopefully, barring any unforseen circumstances, the game in Seattle is a success, and shows the league office why NBA basketball needs to return to Seattle pronto.