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The Most Unpredictable NBA Crews

The Most Unpredictable NBA Crews

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Every NBA season has its ups and downs, as well as thrilling and unpredictable outcomes. However, these tend to be events that happen on the court during the games. The year 2020 on the other hand was filled with events that shook all the NBA fans to the core. This was by far the most unpredictable and strangest season in the history of the sport. The events that transpired affected the players, the audience, and those who enjoy betting on the NBA. So, let’s do a recap of these events that were all a hot topic throughout the last year and see their aftermath.

Morey's Hong Kong Tweet

Anti-government protests in Hong Kong were a burning topic in the US. Even though it’s something that people tend to discuss in private, there are always consequences if an influential person takes a stance publicly. We know that Hearthstone player and winner of the tournament Blitzhching got banned for supporting the protesters publicly during the live event. It just goes to show how companies take it seriously when you can harm their business opportunities. A similar thing happened when the general manager of the Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey tweeted about the situation in China.

This put the players who were supposed to play in Hong Kong in a very awkward position, and a lot of deals between the Chinese and NBA were discontinued. The estimated losses were around 200 million dollars, and the coverage of the events by Chinese television also stopped. So, people in China who wish to enjoy the game might have to watch online via a party casino or betting site that is streaming the event.

Zion Williamson

Zion Williams is a rookie who blew everyone away with his first few games. Everyone knew he was good, but he managed to exceed those expectations. It’s like creating a new account and getting a new customer no wagering requirement bonus and getting massive rewards, you just know at that moment that account will rock. Unfortunately, at the start of 2019, he missed a few games due to knee problems, but he made an amazing comeback after his surgery.

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COVID-19 Cancels NBA

Pretty much the worst thing that happened for sports fans and athletes around the world. Due to the raging pandemic, most of the major sports events were canceled, and everyone was devastated.

Those who like to gamble or bet on sports also found themselves in a situation where they don’t have anything to wager on. A lot of them turned to online casinos and eSports betting though. As new people were discovering this new form of entertainment the trend caught on and online gambling parlors saw a massive spike in their user base. People were able to choose casino with low wagering requirements, get their welcome bonus or free spin bonus, and play casino games with a minimal deposit. However, this also prompted others to join the hype train and brand new casino platforms were released.

Some of them were owned by legitimate companies, betting operators, or even land-based casinos that did not have gambling sites before. Others were really sketchy and even offered some insane free spins no deposit bonuses that look too good to be true. These things can be dangerous so it’s important to remind people to make sure their information is protected so that other sites cannot take advantage of it. Clearly, some of these sites only wanted you to create an account and grant them permission to use your sensitive data.

Kobe Bryant Dies in a Helicopter Crash

The way the year 2020 started everyone knew it was going to be bad. On January 26 the world was shaken by the tragic news of what happened to Kobe Bryant and his 7-year-old daughter. Kobe was a true legend who inspired many and this was indeed one of the darkest days in NBA history.

Milwaukee Bucks Walk Out

In the year 2020, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement reached a new high, and a lot of athletes decided to support it. When Jacob Blake was shot 7 times by Wisconsin police, the following Milwaukee Bucks decided to walk out from the playoff game. As they said it was a spur-of-the-moment type of decision because they felt the incident also affects them personally. It was difficult to say if the NBA would resume after this.


These were some of the most notable events that transpired in the year 2020. As you can see it was pretty turbulent, and hard to tell how the situation would unfold. There were also good and surprising moments like with Zion Williamson, but overall it was a year most of us won’t remember fondly.