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The Moment J.R. Smith Realized His New Look Squad Was Something Special


Are the Cavaliers good again?

Just days after trading away almost half of their roster, Cleveland finds themselves in a pretty nice situation right now. The players they acquired fit together nicely, the guys they traded were never a good fit anyway, and they've picked up crucial, back-to-back wins against good opponents. Things have turned around.

And while the rest of us may not have seen it coming, J.R. Smith certainly came to that realization earlier than we did.

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In a story by ESPN, J.R. Smith details the moment he realized just how good his team could be.

"It's crazy," Smith told ESPN after Cleveland's 121-99 rout of the Celtics on Sunday. "We were on the plane on the way [to Boston] and I just started looking around and only really [four] seats are still the same from when we, like you said, won the championship. ... I just told the guys, 'Man, this is crazy. We really like, got a whole new, a whole new team.' And I looked across and Bron was just shaking his head like, 'Yeah, yeah, but we got a f---ing squad, too."

It's still a little early to tell just how good this team is. But after their win against the Thunder, they sure are starting to make a case that this is legit.