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The Lonzo Ball Hype Has Reached Record Breaking Levels


However way you feel about the Ball family, thier undeniable rise to stardom has elevated the clan to new heights.

LaVar and LaMelo consistently make headlines for their controversial remarks and superstar egos. Big Baller Brand has somehow found itself relevant, even if the attention isn't always positive. Thier swagger and demand for attention have finally paid off.

For newly drafted Rookie Lozo Ball, he finds himself no stranger to the attention his family has brought. His words ring with fame, his face is plastered all over L.A. His name has been crowned the new Laker hero.

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Lonzo hasn't played a minute of NBA basketball yet. But he doesn't need to. Everything we saw in college, everything we're seeing now ... it's enough. It's enough for us to believe that Lonzo Ball can change the fate of the Lakers forever.

And "us" isn't just a few hopeful fans. The rest of the NBA world is buying into it as well.

In fact, Chris Herring of (from a study by Media Cloud) shows that Ball is the most talked about rookie in years, and it's not even close. Between May 1st and July 30th of the year they were drafted, Lonzo has been mentioned in published news stories by the mainstream media 266 more times than any player drafted in the last 5 years.

That includes guys like D'Angelo Russell, Markele Fultz, Ben Simmons, Kristaps Porzingis, and Joel Embiid. Markelle Fultz was second on the list with 436. The fact that no other rookie even comes close to Lonzo proves just how special he has become.

Before playing his first game, Lonzo is already breaking records. He may be an unaccomplished rookie, but he's already got the whole league on notice.