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The Lakers Fire An Epic Shot At The 76ers With Their Own LeBron Billboard


The battle of the billboards has continued, just like many were predicting.

Less than a week after Cleveland's response to the now-famous Philadelphia set of billboards trying to recruit LeBron James to the 76ers, Los Angeles has jumped in on the action.

According to ESPN reporter Steve Mason, billboards will be put up in LA on Wednesday making fun of the Philadelphia billboards while hyping up the Lakers as a potential destination for LeBron James.

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"No process. Just banners." Absolutely savage.

What makes the billboard even better is the fact that the Cavaliers will be in Los Angeles this coming weekend to face both the Lakers and Clippers, meaning there's probably a 99% chance LeBron sees the billboard in question.

With the Lakers, 76ers and Cavs all having a billboard directed at LBJ, next up could possibly be Houston. James is an extremely sought-after free agent heading into this upcoming offseason, so it's no surprise cities are pulling out all the stops to try and nab him and the immense fame he brings to a team.