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The Ex-Wife Of A Former NBA Player Has Now Been Charged With His Murder


Given how protected star athletes are due to the amount of security they can afford, it's not every day you read about or see a player in one of the top sports leagues in America being murdered, let alone the murder not being solved for several years.

But that's exactly what happened to former NBA center Lorenzen Wright, who was murdered back in 2010 with seemingly no motive for someone to hurt him, let alone kill him.

But in a sick twist to the seven-year-old case, it's been found that Wright's ex-wife, Sherra Wright-Robinson, has been taken into custody and charged with his murder.

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Wright-Robinson was arrested on Sunday in California, and will now be tried for the demise of her former husband. It's still unknown what motives Wright-Robinson would hold as to go as far to kill Wright, but there are a few rumors which are floating around, including Sherra paying a 'hitman' to kill her husband so she would gain his insurance money.

Wright was a solid role player in the NBA during his years in the league, playing for five franchises between the years of 1997 and 2009. Wright was drafted with the seventh pick in the 1996 NBA draft, and went on to average 8 points and 6.4 rebounds for his career.