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The Drafting Process: Draft Rights, Early Entry Players, Eurostash Players


In the not too distant future that time will reappear. NBA draft picks and trades. Of course, this brings a lot of excitement and hope for a team’s future, but there is a lot more to it. There are all these rules running in the background around draft rights for both teams and the draftees.

Here you’ll be able to gain better insight in all that happens behind the scenes and upon the next draft picks you’ll have a better appreciation of the mechanics of how this happens.

Draft Rights

Draft rights are the rights a team has exclusive rights to negotiate and sign their draft pick. Generally speaking, a team will hold a players draft rights for one year. BY having this princess in place it ensures draft picks are tied to a team and stops them moving to a different team of their choosing. After the year is up, the renegotiations can start again and alternative teams can then be considered. Draft rights will take effect immediately once the player is signed.

When it comes to signing a player will be placed as either a first or second-round pick. First-round picks follow with a ‘required tender’ and allow the player to sign until the first day of the season. For second-round picks the required tender is for the minimum salary and one season.

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For first-round picks the required tender must be in on or before July 15th, whilst second-round picks must be made within the 2 weeks before September 5th. Teams have the ability to withdraw required tender after made as long as they have the players’ agreement and put it in writing. In this case, the player becomes a free agent and can then sign with any agent.

Early Entry Players

Early entry players still have a drafting process similar in place and it is mostly the same in the sense teams have the gain draft rights and required tender. The main difference is that early entry players are bound to their teams for one year after their first NBA draft. This ruling applies in scenarios and there are no ways for this timescale to be reduced.

Eurostash Players

The draft process for Eurostash players is quite different. Teams have been known to hide players in Europe either due to current contracts or until their skills develop furthers and they can be brought into the NBA.

A Eurostash player can notify his team within a set timescale if the drafting team needs to offer a required tender for their signing. Subject to this notification being carried out between January 1st and July 1st, the player will be available to sign with their new team to commence for September 10th. If these timescales are not met and the required tender is not made, the player being a free agent and then can sign elsewhere.

So along with the agreements being made, there is also an additional process running in the background to ensure that all relevant legal paperwork is done and that if platters are being moved that they have the papers to allow this. To support with this immigration lawyers play an important role, as long with lawyers to draft these new contracts.