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The Comeback: Allen Iverson Is Making A Return To Basketball

Credit: basketballprosworkouts

Credit: basketballprosworkouts

Allen Iverson is, no questions asked, one of the 5 most talented players to ever lace them up and play on an NBA court.

Iverson would destroy the average defender’s ankle and considering how much the rules have changed, he’d torch every single defender to get to the line for 2 or 3. Allen had one of the greatest handles in NBA history and his crossover was just lethal, and if you want to imagine how would he fare nowadays, just combine Kyrie and Thomas and perhaps you’d be close, as Allen would be on the 40+ plateau on a nightly basis.

Do you want to watch him now? Of course, me too. Hope so he will be ready for the next season and sign a contract with the Philadelphia Sixers (just kidding). He is only 42-years old, and I think he can score more than 10 points per game.

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A few days ago, Allen Iverson begins preparations for Big3 debut with his High School Coach. You can check the video below.