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The Charlotte Hornets' Biggest Mistake Of The Season


With Steve Clifford out of the door, Dwught Howard getting older, and Charlotte missing out on the playoffs for yet another year, it's safe to say that the Charltte Hornets have not had a particularly glamerous season.

Dispite making some strides the past few years, and even appearing to make some this season, the team just continually falls back into mediocrity.

But how different might things have been if they'd drafted Donovan Mitchell instead of Malik Monk?

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According to Kevin O'Connor, that actually almost happened before draft night.

I've heard Steve Clifford had the hots for Donovan Mitchell, but of course they ended up selecting Malik Monk. No one could've expected Mitchell to be this spectacular this soon. But it's hard not to wonder how different things would be in Charlotte had Mitchell been the choice.

Donovan Mitchell has widely been regarded as one of the leading candidates for rookie of the year, averaging 20.5 points per game on 43.7% shooting with 3.7 assists and rebounds. Monk, on the other hand, has been rather insignificant for the Hornets thus far.

Bearing the facts in mind, it's hard not to think that the Hornets wouldn't be better with Mitchell leading the show instead of Monk... a vision the coach they just fired actually wanted. There have certainly been worse times for buzz city, we've all seen them. But if they ever wish to become a serious contender, they've got to make better judgment calls.