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The Cavs May Have Already Decided What They're Going To Do With Brooklyn's Draft Pick


The drama surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers this season has been astronomically high, far greater than the usual drama we grown used to seeing out of Cleveland the previous three years.

Ever since the Kyrie Irving trade to Boston, the Cavaliers have constantly been in the headlines. Whether it be for supposed drama between Kyrie and LeBron James, LBJ's impending free agency, the vast array of injuries they've suffered -- including Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose and Kevin Love -- the team's in-fighting in the locker room since IT's return, or their lack of form, there has always been something to talk about when it comes to the Cavs this year.

Something that has been discussed, but has fallen out of the spotlight due to other stories, is what Cleveland plans to do with the pick they acquired in the trade for Isaiah Thomas from Boston.

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The Cavs received the Brooklyn Nets' 2018 first-rounder, which was projected to be a top pick in the upcoming draft. The Nets have surprised many this season, however, even with injuries to Jeremy Lin and D'Angelo Russell, sitting 12th in the East, when many thought they'd be dead last.

This -- as well as the Cavs' indecisiveness to make a major move before the trade deadline -- has cast doubt over whether the Cavs will actually use the pick to bring in an All-Star to help LeBron and Co. compete for a championship this year, or hold on to the pick and actually draft some young talent this offseason.

Well, Brian Windhorst, who has been an insider on the Cavs for ESPN for quite some time, shed some light on Cleveland's plan for Brooklyn's pick.

It seems that the Cavs are leaning towards keeping the pick for themselves rather than trading it away for win-now assets, as if they did trade it away, they'd want to trade it for a player that could be a viable All-Star option for them years down the line, not just a one or two-year rental to help the Cavs lose to the Warriors once again.

What it may boil down to is that the Cavs aren't seeming that confident that LeBron will resign with the team after this season, so are trying to keep all of their bases covered in case James does in fact leave them high and dry.