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The Cavaliers Have Issued A Statement On What They Plan To Do With Coach Tyronn Lue


Cavs fans, buckle in, because depending on your feelings for head coach Tyronn Lue, this news could only make you more frustrated with your team.

Coach Lue has received a lot of flak this season for Cleveland's struggles, as the team's issues on the defensive end have mostly been blamed on Lue's terrible defensive sets and inability to send out capable defensive lineups when the Cavs need it.

These issues have only been compounded after Cleveland's 32-point blowout to the Houston Rockets at home on Saturday night, with fans inside Quicken Loans Arena openly booing their team for their embarrassing effort on D.

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Many fans speculated that Lue had coached his last ever game for the Cavs after the embarrassing defeat, and with reporters obviously asking questions about what would happen to Lue, Cleveland went out to set the record straight, via Adrian Wojnarowski.

Somehow, some way, Tyronn Lue has managed to keep his job after that poor excuse of a basketball game, and the disappointing season the Cavs have had prior.

With a 6-12 record in their last 18 games, Cleveland is actually running a real risk of falling to seventh in the Eastern Conference if they don't get their act together soon, as they only sit two games ahead of the 7th placed Miami Heat.

Let's not forget either that the Cavs' previous coach, David Blatt, was fired from the team with a conference-leading record of 30-12 back in 2016, but Lue hasn't been let go with a 30-21 record 51 games into the season?

Obviously, Lue's reputation within the locker room, and the way he can command players -- or let LeBron command the players while he steps aside, however you want to put it -- plus his championship ring in 2016 gives him a little bit more leeway with the front office, but Tyronn is towing the line between being employed and unemployed right now.