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The Ball Brothers Are Already Having Issues In Lithuania


Only the Ball family could make a media circus out of something so trivial in the sporting world, and that's exactly what they've managed to do after only a few days in Lithuania.

First, it was the arrival at the Lithuanian airport, where there was an ocean of reporters waiting at the gate to snap photos of LaVar Ball and his two sons LaMelo and LiAngelo.

Then, it was the introductory press conference with the Ball family, where a female reporter stole the headlines by asking if LiAngelo had a girlfriend.

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Now, the media circus is actively affecting the Ball brothers ability to play with their new team.

According to ESPN's Jeff Goodman, neither LiAngelo or LaMelo were able to travel with Vytautas to their away game fixture this week because the team Vytautas were going up against didn't want cameras -- who were filming the Ball family's reality TV show -- into their arena.

If this family wasn't the living embodiment of the Kardashian's in a basketball setting, they sure are after this incident. This report is only the latest in the Ball's antics. Leading up to going pro in Lithuania, LaVar pulled LaMelo out of high school to train him for the NBA draft, which caused controversy. Then, it was LiAngelo's turn to get in on the action, as while on a trip to China with UCLA, he was caught shoplifting, and the President of the United States had to help out to get him back on US soil. The shoplifting scandal led to LaVar pulling LiAngelo out of school as well, and then eventually signing with Vytautas. And if you didn't think things could get worse, they did.

Yeah. Their team lost by fifty-seven points.

LaVar can only hope and pray that his two sons are able to turn around the success of the Lithuanian franchise pretty quickly, otherwise, he'll be facing another kind of media circus -- not the good kind.