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Texas Bartender Roasts Andre Roberson For Leaving Tiny Tip On Huge Bill


It seems NBA players can still be frugal with their money, even after signing new, multi-million dollar contracts.

On Wednesday night, it was revealled that Thunder's RFA Andre Roberson had re-signed with the team to the tune of a 3-year, $30 million deal.

Obviously, Roberson felt like celebrating this joyous occasion, so him and few a friends headed out to Austin, Texas for some drinks.

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When it came to the end of the night, and the cheque had been laid on the table, the total came to a tidy $500. Roberson, not one to part with his money easily even after inking a new deal, paid for the night, and only added a measly $13.97 tip for the bartender.

Andre shot back at the staff member, explaining why he chose to be stingy on the tip.

On one hand, customers should be tipping their servers, as it may be their main way of making money during work, and multi-million dollar athletes can afford to be more generous than the average customer.

On the other hand, servers shouldn't just expect a large tip just because the customer is rich, and should still try and provide the best service possible to work for a large tip.

Even more embarrassing for Roberson, his tip was supposed to round the bill out to an even $500, but instead, the $13.97 tip pushed the bill up to $501.10. He's lucky he's a basketball player and not a maths teacher.