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Terry Rozier Offers Great Comeback After Learning He Was One Basket Away From A Celtics Record


Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier has been a pleasant surprise for Brad Stevens and the Celtic faithful this season.

Stepping into the role of starting point guard for the C's multiple times this season in Kyrie Irving's absense, Rozier has shown flashes of greatness when given the opportunity, most recently in his latest outing against the Sacramento Kings.

On Sunday night, Terry Rozier posted 33 points, 5 rebounds, 5 steals, and hit 8 threes en route to a 104-93 victory for the Celtics.

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Rozier shot an efficient 12-16 from the field during the game, but according to the point guard, if he knew he was a mere bucket away from tying a Celtics' record, he would've shot 21 from the field instead of 16.

You gotta love the confidence in the kid.

It's not over for Terry either, as Kyrie is due to be out for another couple of weeks, meaning Rozier still has ample opportunity to break a few Celtics records.