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Terrence Ross Game Tying 3-Pointer Waved Off vs Sacramento Kings (Dwyane Casey Smashes Clipboard)

Terrence Ross hits a deep three pointer but the refs wave it off after the clock didn't start when the inbounds pass was tipped by DeMarcus Cousins as the Sacramento Kings beat the Toronto Raptors.

Check the video, twitter reactions and the breakdown of the last shot between Toronto Raptors and Sacramento Kings.

Breakdown of the last shot between Raptors and Kings

I was looking through the final play of the Raptors Kings game and got to this conclusion, if any of you would be willing to read:

First, the stills are here:

2.3 seconds

Clock moved 0.1s from the time Cousins deflected it to its first bounce on the floor.

Terrence Ross Game Tying 3-Pointer Waved Off vs Kings
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2.0 seconds

Clock already moved 0.4 seconds by the time Ross first touches the ball.


0.5 seconds

There was still 0.5 seconds on the clock after Ross released the ball.


Kyle Lowry "No Comment"

What do you think? Should they count or not?